What is there to say about guacamole, really? I think this tasty avocado based concoction speaks for itself, loudly and deliciously. There are few things as enjoyable as a perfectly ripe avocado, and the fact that they provide a wealth of health benefits is just the icing on the cake (or to be more apt, […]

Waking up to a hot summer’s morning can leave you lacking in appetite. Something about the warm weather and the blazing sun can be enough to put you off spending time in the kitchen altogether, let alone cooking eggs on the stove top. Smoothies and lassis are one of my favourite breakfasts and afternoon snacks […]

It’s so satisfying to cook up something delicious from the lovely ingredients you’ve just bought that very morning. Earlier today, we headed to our local market and soaked up the morning sun while perusing the produce grown by our local farmers. Plump purple tomatoes, half a kilo of strawberries, rainbow coloured carrots, and fresh free […]

You know you are onto something very special when you go to bed and end up dreaming of breakfast. The recipe I am sharing with you today has that exact effect on me, and I will go as far as to guarantee that if you start the day with a bowl of this nutty goodness, […]

Easy access to plump juicy strawberries, almost all year round, may well be one of the highlights of living in Western Australia! It’s no secret that berries of all kind are one of my favourite foods, but strawberries would have to take top pick. Strawberries are so versatile, and depending on the time of year, […]